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Government confirms outcome of fast track review on Feed-in Tariff levels

DECCThe UK Government Department of Energy and Climate Change have announced new generation tariffs for large scale solar and anaerobic digestion under the Government’s green electricity scheme.

The announcement follows the recent public consultation on large-scale solar and anaerobic digestion which closed on 6th May 2011. - The Government revealed in March that existing tariff levels failed to spur a meaningful uptake for anaerobic digestion, which meant the technology was not fulfilling its potential contribution to the UK's renewable energy mix.

As a result of the review, from the 1st of August 2011, new entrants into the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme will receive amended tariffs for anaerobic digestion as set out below:

≤ 250 kW = 14.0 p/ kWh
>250 kW - ≤ 500 kW = 13.0 p/ kWh

The changes are subject to Parliamentary and State aid clearance, will help manage the finances of the FiTs to ensure value for money for the consumer and to help protect the scheme in the future.

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