The Official Information Portal on Anaerobic Digestion


Defra Launch New Waste Review and Call for Evidence

The Government’s review of waste policies was formally launched on 29 June 2010. The review will look at what policies are needed to reduce the amount of waste generated and to maximize reuse and recycling, while also considering how waste policies affect local communities, individual households and businesses. Future infrastructure needs, including the role of…
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DECC Publish Response to Biomass Grandfathering Consultation

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have published their response to the biomass grandfathering consultation. Grandfathering fixes the level of Renewable Obligation (RO) support received during the RO eligibility period and during subsequent banding reviews. This guarantee of income provides security to the generator, helping projects acquire investment. Following the 2010-2013 banding review, grandfathering will apply to anaerobic digestion and…
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Government Discuss Future of Energy From Waste

The coalition government has taken the first step towards making good on its pledge to deliver a "huge increase in energy from waste through anaerobic digestion", as ministers and representatives from both Defra and the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC Nike Shoes) met with industry to identify barriers to the uptake of this expanding renewable…
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Defra Announce New Research Competition for AD

Defra have announced a new research competition for anaerobic digestion. The replica watches uk project "Implementation of anaerobic digestion in England and Wales: balancing optimal outputs with minimal environmental impacts", aims to address the pressing issues relating to AD uptake. The key objectives of the project are: To assess the economic and environmental performance of different AD…
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