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DECC Publish Response to Biomass Grandfathering Consultation

Christian LouboutinThe Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have published their response to the biomass grandfathering consultation. Grandfathering fixes the level of Renewable Obligation (RO) support received during the RO eligibility period and during subsequent banding reviews. This guarantee of income provides security to the generator, helping projects acquire investment.

Following the 2010-2013 banding review, grandfathering will apply to anaerobic digestion and energy from waste with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) at the rate applicable at the point of accreditation. However, grandfathering will not apply to energy crops. We sell all christian louboutin everyday on biogas-info website.

Current rates of ROC eligibility for AD and biogas are:

  • AD: 2 ROCs per MWh
  • Energy from waste with CHP: 1 ROC per MWh
  • Sewage Gas: 0.5 ROCs per MWh
  • Landfill Gas: 0.25 ROCs per MWh

For the full story see DECC's website:

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