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Government Launch Review of Feed-in Tariffs

DECCEnergy Secretary Chris Huhne has launched a comprehensive review of the Feed-in Tariffs (FITs nike shoes) scheme following growing evidence that large-scale solar farms could soak up money intended to help homes, communities and small businesses generate their own electricity.

Last year’s Spending Review committed Government to save 10% of the costs of FITs in 2014-15, this would be achieved through a review due to start in 2012 or earlier if uptake exceeded expectations. Now the coalition has brought forward the review to give industry added certainty to invest and address the risk of an increasing number of large-scale solar farms which could push FITs costs off track.

Alongside the fast-track review of large-scale solar PV, a short study into the uptake of FITs for farm-based Anaerobic Digestion (AD Replica Watches) plants will also take place. Only two such projects have been accredited so far and by this point, at least six were expected. The tariff rates will be examined to see if they are enough to make farm-based AD worthwhile.

The Government also confirmed it hopes to publish details of the new Renewable Heat Incentive in the near future.
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