First Biogas from Brewery Waste Sent to National Grid

First Biogas from Brewery Waste Sent to National Grid Print E-mail


Adnams Bio Energy are the first to inject renewable gas from brewery waste to the UK's national gas grid network.

In partnership with British Gas and National Grid, Adnams Bio Energy will generate enough gas to heat around 235 family homes for a year or run an average family car for 4 million miles. In the future, the facility will produce enough renewable gas to power the Adnams brewery and run its fleet of lorries, while still leaving up to 60 per cent of the output for injection into the National Grid.

By using brewery and local food waste to generate renewable gas, the plant will make a contribution to decarbonising the gas grid by delivering renewable heat to households through the existing gas network and central heating boilers. It will also prevent the release of the highly-polluting greenhouse gas methane to the atmosphere, through diverting the waste from landfill.  Waitrose is the first business to sign up to supply waste to the facility and has committed to sending food waste from seven of its nearby branches of Waitrose and John Lewis.

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